Posted by: suliere | October 26, 2009

The Adventures and Mishaps of Suliere

This is the blog of a St Francis 50 sailing catamaran called Suliere.

Suliere is the description the people from St Kilda, a remote part of the British Isles, gave to the gannet.

The gannet was their main source of food and Suliere means ‘the keen eyed one‘.

Our names are Paul and Lesley and whilst we were experienced with large power boats so choosing our first sailing boat took us almost a year.

We had a lot to lean and quickly but after coming up with a short list we started to travel the world just to test sail boats. Choosing a boat can be hard work!

This is a video of the test sail of the St Francis 50 in the Bahamas.

To specify the boat we made a visit to St Francis Marine near Port St Francis South Africa

We then needed to get some sailing experience so, in February 2009, we chartered a skippered cat in the Leeward islands. You can see the v ideo vhere:-

Click here for Leeward Islands Video

It was now March 09 and time for a visit to see the birth of Suliere.

In October 2009 Suliere was given her new roof!


  1. hi,
    very nice catamaran.
    you’re very lucky

  2. How beautiful is that – hope you are having the most wonderful time.

  3. Yes -we are lucky.

  4. Hope you are having a time that matches sleek, luxurious and splended ‘Suliere’.
    Wish I could have had that turkey butty, and I’d especially like to be next door to you now!!
    Florida was cold, but the sky was wonderful.
    Happy and safe travelling to you both, love and a special hug to you LL, Trish xx

  5. Hi Lesley, How are you doing, think alot about you
    hope you are having a great time,
    let us know about all your fishing and all your experiences

  6. Hi Lesley
    I sat next to you on a plane my name is Diane Kelly often think about you but lost your contact no hope you are okay and all is well with you and your family ok . We were both born in 1957 and felt we had something in common hope you are still enjoying your travelsps hope your daughter is well she had had a back operation x

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