Posted by: suliere | December 27, 2009

Suliere – The Splash

On 27th November 2009 Suliere was launched.
Here is the video.

A series of online videos detailing the boat and all its equipment will follow.


  1. Hi what a fantastic boat & blog will be watching with interest as your
    Adventures unfold.

    Good luck to your both

  2. Thinking of you. Hope you have a fantastic trip
    love Sue

  3. Hi Lesley& Paul,
    What an interesting Blog and what a fantastic boat. We did enjoy watching the videos and were there with youon deck, we wish!
    We hope you have a safe and exciting trip and we shall follow your progress eagerly. With all that electrical equipment on board what is the source of power? Any technical information would be interesting to read. Love & best wishes from Cannock.

  4. Hey Paul, I would love to hear about all the extras you put on her, looks like it’s loaded. Can the cockpit be fully closed off?



  5. Answers
    Suliere has 750 watts of solar panels.
    Each engine has m I think its 230 amps of alternators (two on each engine)
    9.5 kw generator.
    She carries enough fuel for a motored range of 2300 nautical miles.
    A video is coming out that goes through Suliere explaining all the systems – systems which have nearly doubled the price of the standard sail away boat.
    Yes- the cockpit can be fully closed off. There is a zip around the top with each panel being either a screen or a window – so you can choose what make up you want.

  6. Hi Lesley
    Wonderful to read about your explorations and thank you for all those blue sky photos. They helped me prepare for my trip to South Africa, where I was bowled over by how beautiful the light, warmth and ocean is! If you are returning there I’d love to be an assistant if you teach. I’m currently exploring being there from 2011 for a few months teaching.

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