Posted by: suliere | December 31, 2012

The Start of the 2012/2013 Season…… delayed by Hurricane Sandy

Well I am about to start using this blog properly…… promise 🙂

The 2012/13 season has been much delayed because a family sickness that has kept Lesley anchored in the UK to look after a family member undergoing a series of operations.

I travelled out to GeorgeTown, Maryland to have a few remaining jobs done on the boat before travelling south. It was cold and there was even a risk of having Suliere iced in and Lesley was still delayed …. to the rescue came Michael and Cassie his wife. They helped crew the boat south to Ft Lauderdale. 

It was a journey of memories like entering a small Chesapeake Harbour on a moonless night, in dense fog trying to find a pontoon with our name on it!!!


The next port was Hampton, Virginia where we entered with only one engine having run out of fuel on our starboard engine …. aways tricky in a catamaran because even braking causes the boat to swing in a circle.

We motor sailed south as fast as we could and called in at Beufort North  Carolina which we managed to enter without incident and left on the tale end of a gale where Suliere really motor sailed at some speed setting a new record speed of 24 knots!!

We were met by dolphins on many days on this journey and I even managed to capture some good video footage of dolphins alongside Suliere at dusk. Both Michael and Cassie were a delight to have on board Suliere and I owe them a big thank you for enabling Suliere to reach a safe place were the work that needs to be done can be finished whilst we are close to our planned cruising grounds.
Our next stop was Ft Lauderdale where we traversed 5 bridges and 4 miles of the canal like new river to Lauderdale Marine Center. This was done at night and as it was Xmas it was just like a 4 mile journey up a Xmas grotto …. lots of lights all the way up with just a thin sliver of moon.

So here I am in Ft Lauderdale attempting to do every outstanding job on Suliere so that she is as perfect as possible for when Lesley arrives.We then plan to cruise the Bahamas/Cuba.


During this last summer in hte UK I edited a lot more of the 13 episode TV series we are filming and plan to try and complete the editing of that project next summer.

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