Posted by: suliere | December 31, 2012

Suliere – The Truth Behind The First 2 + Years

We will have had Suliere three years come March 2013 and most of that time has been spent fixing the boat. We have encountered numerous issues, far exceeding that normally expected with a new boat and have had an additional cost of over $70.000 USA on top of the $1.3 million dollar purchase price.

The numerous issues, some of them dangerous, have been the biggest hold up with our cruising plans but I now think the fixing phase is coming to an end and we will eventually have Suliere in tip top condition working as she should.

In addition to the constant repairs we have also made a number of improvements – some major like the installation of a lithium battery system and many minor ones. I am making a video of some 200 + modifications to Suliere that make her into the remarkable boat that she is today.



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