Posted by: suliere | January 1, 2013

The first two years from Lesleys point of view.

What an adventure!  Suliere is truly a magnificent vessel sailing us across oceans to find amazing islands,  to anchor  in idyllic bays, venture up rivers and channels into some stunning marinas in sunshine, rain and fog leading us to make new friends to share fun times  and giving us a really good feel for how  the cruising life can be.

A fantastic experience of true value but adventure aside,  it’s also been two years speckled with ‘down time’ whilst hindered by ‘works in progress’ as we soldiered on to complete the building of Suliere. From experiences quite early on we recognised that some of the  incomplete or deficient systems were never going to work properly until we plucked up courage and had the time to make radical changes.

We’ve never been faint hearted about such matters pressing on to get everything to a high enough standard to afford us greater confidence and  reassurance on our travels.  Suliere’s metamorphosis into the boat we can now enjoy on a whole new level  has been down to determination and patience and is now in my humble opinion, as she should have been when she left the boat yard.  The time has not been wasted  as so much of us has gone into completing her that we now feel a true connection with and look forward to more fantastic adventures  aboard Suliere in 2013.

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