Posted by: suliere | January 2, 2013

New Year Gremlins

One of those annoying faults was a PC monitor not displaying the colours correctly.

White was yellow. So we connected a different monitor and all was OK. Then we could not adjust the blue on the fitted monitor – so it had to be the monitor right?

Sent for a replacement monitor of the same model and it arrived only to find despite being the same model number it was taller and narrower – just enough to mean that we had to add wood on the width and remove it from the height ….. but Ok when connected we got thew right colours hence I threw the old monitor away in the rubbish…..used the monitor a few times waiting for the wood works chaps to come after the new year to properly fit it ……. so all was well right? …… Well no.

This morning I switched on the PC to find that the same lack of colour with white being yellow!!!!!!  So I had the old problem back but now with the added issue of having to do the woodwork and the feeling a bit sick throwing a monitor that fitted well away in the rubbish …… still baffled by all this. 🙂

Now putting the next varnish layer on that floor … at least that job is going well …. so far!

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