Posted by: suliere | January 3, 2013

Some Progress

Ok … today we had the aircons wired so we can choose to run them from the inverters when underway. Its so easy and fast to recharge the Lithium that this is one of the options. So now if we want to cool down the boat when sailing we can. We can also switch to shore so when we leave the aircon in de-humid mode for the hurricane season if power is suspended the aircon will not come on and drain the batteries.

The work to reinforce the rear of the cockpit roof by placing sheets of fibreglass inside by using the hatches and then re-gelcoating the extensive cracking was completed today. One of the many expenses paid for by me and not St Francis Marine.

Even though I bought a very expensive brush to brush the varnish into the teak and holly floor it still trapped hairs so I ended up re-doing that work today. I will rub down tomorrow using a 1500 pad on an random orbital sander and then polish with Finesse II followed by final sanding with 3000 grade paper. I hope tat gives a nice smooth finish.Next time I will spray the varnish on.

We had so many issues with the rigging that our sailing was very restricted in the first few years and we concentrated on getting the main to work – that works fine now so today I opened up the furling Screecher, cleaned and polished the fittings and then hauled it up for the first time since the Atlantic Crossing when te pad-eye fractured and bent the bowsprit which was replaced by St Francis marine. So we hope to get some good use out of it for the remainder of this season.

Also so shot a few scenes of the 200Plus mods video.



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