Posted by: suliere | January 10, 2013

Lights and Stronger Bows

St Francis marine managed to fit chrome, yes chrome led light surrounds to my cockpit with te obvious result that they have badly corroded so today I have the task of replacing all the surrounds with white painted ones and that means siliconing in 13 LEDS above my head … good excercise no doubt.

Yesterday we had a new toilet pump fitted to replace the one ruined by a guest who decided to flush away a pair of knickers. It had been a problem in the guest heads for a while and this forced wait in Ft Lauderdale was a good opportunity to deal with the issue. Another thing off the long term fix list.

I also ordered a new top down furling system with a non-torsion rope up the luff of the screecher and now the ability to run my gennaker (thats tat big lovely downwind sail) from the cockpit both for putting it up and taking it down ….. its a welcome addition to Suliere except that an inspection of the bows shows that they are not strong enough to support the loads from the bowsprit, nor are the pad eyes (one of which snapped when crossing the Atlantic), so we are having new proper pad eyes as well.

Today also saw the heater temperature sensors installed so that we can properly control the heat in the hulls – the zircon unit sensors were finished yesterday.

So the job list does get shorter despite the adding of things like having to fibreglass the bow.


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