Posted by: suliere | January 12, 2013

LEDS and Stupidity

The white external covers for the cockpit LEDs arrived today but boy was it hard getting the lights out of their holes. Damaged some bamboo with the first one and gave in on the second one. Instead of glueing the lights in I need two small channels cut in the hole so I can clip them in with the supplied tension spring – that makes future stuff easy as well. So that another Just Catamarans Job.

They also started work on strengthening the bows where the pad eyes are for securing the bowsprit.  St Francis marine had done a good job on reinforcing a section of the hull for this task. The only issue was that the pad eye did not go there so they added a piece of plywood with the pad eye right at the end of it hence it having little chance of it distributing the load. So we are having a very strong block of what I think is called Z10 put in and dovetailed into the existing part of the strengthened hull and then having the pad eye in the centre of the Z10 so the load can be properly distributed It was truly stupid of St Francis marine to have installed the pad eye they way they did as well as dangerous. On this very day I also received an email from another SF50 owner who had cracking all around his pad eye …. so that three boats that I know about with the issue and I would think they all have it. However I doubt if the arrogance of SFM will accept they are wrong so no doubt like many other faults the mistake will be passed onto boats now being built.

The top down furler  and properly arranged screecher together with all the bits for cockpit reefing of those sails arrive next week Wit luck we may finish all the Just catamaran jobs next week. Leaving me to start my super cleaning of the inside oif the boat so it is all ready to cruise when Lesley arrives.


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