Posted by: suliere | January 14, 2013

Weekends & Jobs

Yesterday the painter called to ask could he  varnish the floor on Sunday and today he did just that but it turned out little better than my attempt with hairs etc trapped in it – this is despite building a plastic tunnel that took a few hours and doing some very good prep so he is back Monday evening to wet sand it down and see can we improve the look of it. Hence the boast is in s mess with half done electric jobs (the remote fuel valve switch), the reinforcement of the bows for the pad eyes and the varnishing.

I have come noit to like weekends for getting jobs done – its far better in the week with Just Catamarans staff around and things happening 🙂

The good news today is Lesley’s daughter who after her fourth operation on Friday to close her spinal surgery wound, phoned me on Skype and seemed in good spirits. It seems when the wound is closed she does fine but as soon as it begins to open up she goes downhill fast. So, fingers crossed, maybe this op will work.:-)

This should be a productive week with a number of jobs being finished including the set up of the screecher and gennaker on their furling systems. In fact all jobs should be completed this coming week.

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