Posted by: suliere | January 15, 2013

New Winches

Ok … the pad eyes proceed apace with the old holes now being filled before the new pad eyes are bolted in place.

The next part of this equation with the new top down gennaker and screecher set up are the manual secondary winches. To leave the main electric winches free for the the mainsail we have to use these secondary winches for the sheet from the screecher/gennaker and they are big sails. Having just learnt from another St Francis 50 owner, who had used his screecher a lot and suffered the pad eye problem, that he was looking for electric winches because of this problem I was tipped over te edge of the decision and ordered two Harken 900 winches which have very little depth. These winches go into some very handy long cupboards and the 4 inch depth of motor is important as it will not block use of the cupboard.

So today the two manual winches are being taken out ready for the arrival of the new electric ones. Whoopee!

Te varnished floor chap made it a little better last night but not to the right standard so it looks like the job comes back to me – the floor is sealed and safe so I will just have to work on it.

Now struggling with how to get the LED cockpit lights back into their holes so they are not siliconed in and nasty to remove again.

Promised more jobs to be attacked this afternoon.



  1. Have you thought about whether we will also need to have cleats by the winches too?

    • Yes and I cannot see anyway of doing it.
      They are not essential but very nice if we could somehow do it – jhaving a rigger take a look.

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