Posted by: suliere | January 17, 2013

New Pad Eyes Are In


Yes they are big … in fact overkill, but after the issues on this with other SF50’s boats from St Francis, its nice to be ahead of the curve in avoiding the problems.


Yes this is the old backing plate to the old pad eye – out on a thin sheet of lywood that would not distribute any load and then right at the edge!!



This is the new installation – notice the raised reinforced section that was factory fitted right in the front of the the image – this was never used so we had to fit new reinforcement in front of it.

Winch work proceeding well except for the chap receiving an AC electric shock from of asll things the water top up reservoir for the starboard engine so now we have an electrician coming in the morning.! Take one off the list of jobs and add one to it. 🙂




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