Posted by: suliere | January 19, 2013

New Developments

OK – so today the second electric winch arrived and the fitting will be finished Monday.

We discovered that the fuel overflow pipes seem not to exist on Suliere …. seems Str Francis Marine may have forgotten to fit them.

It has been decided that the inverters and gene etc need grounding to avoid the engine blocks having a live ac current – job arranged for Tuesday.

Got the storm job out for the first time and discovered there is no fitting to attic it to the base of the forestay …. have arranged to a shackle to fit. The metal snap hooks were a bit corroded so I lubricated those.

Figured out ow to attach a portable clutch to the screecher gennaker sheets – we need to add pad eyes alongside the new winches to strap the clutch to.

Discovered the rigging tape protecting the sails from the sharp bits at the foot of the forestay held water so hacked it all off, polished the fittings and slit a clear hose to protect the sails – looks and is much better plus allows the rain to fall through.

Just Catamarans have, at long last, found a remote operation valve that we can use for both fuel and water diverts. I hope we can fir these next week.









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