Posted by: suliere | January 22, 2013

I must have done something bad!

Ok, today is my birthday so that means that i have spent Xmas, new year and my birthday yesterday all alone – I must have done something bad in my life to deserve that πŸ™‚


The second electric winch went in today which means that within a week of deciding to have them the two winches are installed!! That is good going.

I have lost count of how many times we have had to remove the steel roller set up above the main winches – this time it was the starboard one which needed the roller moving back a touch so as to prevent overrides that can bust the winch. It took an hour to clean offf the silicone ready for the modified winch to come back and be fitted for what must be the tenth time. Over those times we have had 3 total re-designs and then had to modify to align the clutches. At least there is no chance of the roller hitting the winch drium which was a problem with the original version.

I spent most of my day painting the rough surface part of the cockpit – well at least I did half of it today and may try the other half tomorrow. Tomorrow we try and get the live engine sorted out one and for all it is showing 23 volts of AC current and has to be sorted so Louis is coming to deal with that one – I hope we can knock it off the list.

We also found out where the fuel overflow pipes go – they end up in a vertical tube in the chain locker so yes they function but, as you cannot see them overflowing, they are not a great deal of help when filling with fuel.

We hope te new remote valves will arrive on Wednesday so that we can finish off the fuel and water remote diverts. Means we can pump from the spare fuel tank to either the port or starboard tank and do the same with the water maker – that is choose to fill upo the port or starboard tank without having to go outside and down a hatch when at sea to change over the valve.

This is also the week of the upgraded screecher and Gennaker furling set ups arriving. In fact all outside contractor jobs are due to finish this week…… I hope. That will just leave my job list to get on with and one big tidy up inside and out.

If Lesley’s daughter is not well enough for Lesley to make it this season I have to somehow get the boat out of the USA for a few weeks so that i can return and take out a new annual cruising permit.

Suliere is turning into one superb specimen of a boat!


  1. Oh how could you! As though I’ve abandoned you indeed! πŸ˜‰ Talking about alone- Fact is I faced my own 2 Carpal Tunnel surgeries ALONE, 2 Laser eye surgeries ALONE and at that time you were in the UK. Since you left I faced Laura’s spinal surgery ALONE, and a subsequent 3 surgeries on her spine ALONE. Man -up it was a birthday! (this being 68 you told me you’d stopped having them!) He he he! ;-P

    Are you still feeling sorry for yourself? Be ashamed Mr Burgess, be very ashamed. We do feel sorry for you, you poor old thing being all on your own in the sunshine doing exactly as you please faffing about on the boat every day!! Tut Tut πŸ™‚

    Laura is making a little progress thug her last surgery has also opened up and a new sinus has developed 😦 However the MRI should tell us more today . We have not been given any indication as to when she will come home but I do know that this last surgery has really taken its toll. She is remaining brave but somewhat shattered and fragile as I’m sure you can imagine.

    Done write us off yet! I will be there for a holiday if nothing else and we can move Suliere! I desperately need a break and I’m sure I will be out long before June. If its late in the season we can always stay in USA and take some holiday trips by air and road using Suliere as a jump off point.

    Suliere in my eyes, always was a superb boat its just that she is also now fully functional and has some lovely additions. I cant wait to be back on board but Laura’s life threatening surgeries have taken precedence for obvious reasons. Please be patient a little longer xx

  2. You seem very spirited today love! πŸ™‚

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