Posted by: suliere | January 23, 2013

Earthly Things and Cups of Tea

As already mentioned Suliere was giving shocks of te engine water reservoir measuring 23 volts AC – it seemed we ad an earthing problem.  This has been a theme running through the life of the boat. Anyway the electrician considered the boat dangerous and the earthing was not Ok for the Mastervolt inverters hence today he arrived to fix the problem by providing a joint earth for the ten, inverters etc. Ax always most time was taken trying to understand the wiring – we were never provided with wiring diagrams for Suliere –  an issue that has cost us thousands of pounds whilst one electrician after the other tried to solve the latest issue.

It took 4 hours today but the job was done and I can only hope that will be the last of the dozens of fixes to date.

We also had some minor gelcoat work done today around the place where the steel winch roller was removed yesterday and we took the opportunity to have the round drink holder at the cockpit helm changed so that it can take a cup with  a handle on it and still hold the cup level ……. it means easy cups of tea at the helm. I shall post a photo of this major mod in the morning when it is all finished.

No matter how many times I tidy up this boat the work disrupts it all and we end up in a mess! 🙂

So jobs left for the week are:-

Remote valves for water and fuel pumping. New Screecher and Gennaker set ups. Finish off small gelcoat jobs and re-intall the modified steel roller over the winch. In theory all should be done this week …. we shall see.


  1. All good news, great!

    At this end laura is listed for a scan at 9.30 but hadn’t gone at 9.50 so not sure what the hold up is. Her larger Ven-flom had ben put in so I hope it was just a slight delay.

    Has snowed heavily this morning giving us another 2 inches which I plan to dig out now as the main road is apparently clear so i will get to the hospital later. Have a good day xxx

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