Posted by: suliere | January 31, 2013

Beetle Juice and Reluctant Valves

Well .despite the hope, very little was achieved last Friday.

Monday saw the final saga of the valves for the fuel pumping and water filling and at last they were installed and work!!!

The modified genneaker with a shorter non-torsion rope should be here this week – at least when the wind dies down so we can fly whilst at the pontoon.

Monday saw the 30 HP three carb Honda outboard  attempt number 1 to fix but time was short and Tuesday saw the job handed over to Neil another Just Catamarans employee who spent the whole day on the job and still did not finish. Why? Well the engine was infested with small beetles from our hurricane season sat up Chesapeake. They had blocked a lot of little tubes and all the carbs had to be stripped. Tomorrow we clear them from the water cooling system as that does not appear to be jetting water as fast as it should. So beetle juice has cost me a tidy sum of money in having to get my outboard de-beetled. 🙂

I have been also able to get on with a number of small jobs today – clearing out the sail lockers and reorganising things so that we do not have to jam everything in. Suliere is indeed looking in fine fettle although a little dirty after all the work.



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