Posted by: suliere | February 1, 2013

Untidy Hoses and Slurpy Signs

Wit the saga of the beetle infested outboard Honda, all I could manage today was to get the right oil , impeller etc so it can be fully serviced in the morning.

So as not to waste the day and given all this time to improve Suliere I decided to organise the hoses in port sail locker. There is salt water and a freshwater hose in this compartment both 50 feet coils and boy do they get tangled so the solution was to build two compartments in the space i saved yeterday by giving away my shore three phase water filter.  We had rarely used this filter and had recently installed a seagull filter system for all our drinking and cooking water aboard so it was time to bite the bullet and save the space and weight. I found a good home for it with a nice couple just starting their cruising on a boat they had just purchased. In its place I needed a simple two compartment store to put these two hose coils into. A job I could do myself if I had a workshop ,saws etc – it was easier to hand it over to Just Catamarans and within a few hours of the request this was the result:-

DCIM100GOPROYou can see at the rear of the sail locker the two very tidy hoses out of the way of everything else we chuck into that sail locker.There is a fair bit still to go into that locker – it is not normally that empty.

When we bought Slurpy, our rib, along with the boat we had chaps made for her – a tailor made suit that frankly was a disaster – the acetate windows over her name stuck to the plastic name lettering and ripped of her name on one side. The rib looked terrible so we threw the chaps away and had a nice overall cover made for her instead. This left a name to be replaced so now I have the time Slurpy will once again sport her name on both sides in a few days.

Also today our first video ‘Suliere – The Crossing became available for download world wide on

You can now download it on watch it on your TV, mac or pc in HD should you wish.


  1. Love the tidy locker, wow that will make a change. Now lets see if you can keep it tidy for once!

  2. You see – I take all the steps to create a tidy environment only to get told off for possibly being untidy in what was a very difficult locker to be tidy in! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed the video, thanks.

    After reading your blog today, I was amused to see Lesley trying to get big fenders into one of those big lockers.

    What is the significance of the two types of video? The .wmv is the standard Microsoft one. What is the mp4? I have not heard of that.

    Make sure you get that boat sorted out before the Boss arrives.


  4. Yes the boat will be sorted before the boss arrives. 🙂
    .mp4 is another type of video compression and is a normally a better quality than .wmv

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