Posted by: suliere | February 2, 2013

Nice but complicated Outboard!

It took all of another day to fix the Honda outboard on Slurpy! To even replace the impeller in the water pump you have to spend an hour or two taking off the top of the engine to release the bottom leaving a decapitated Honda.Th

This is just a few of the many beetles found in a short section of pipe:-



This is the decapitated engine:-




Ok Honda’s are nice engines but parts are more difficult to obtain and the servicing, like simply changing an impeller, has not been thought through I wish I had gone Yamaha – parts everywhere and easier servicing.

However, as always, there was another shock – the gearbox had next to no oil in it! It had never been properly filled! We bought it from St francis marine and my guess is that they only checked the engine oil on import not the gearbox oil which had been drained for shipment! Lucky it had no packed in already. We do not know what damage has been done. St Francis marine always manage to pull a shock rabbit out of the hat even after almost three years. We also replaced an undersized and burnt cable they had fitted to the main winch … a task we have now done in many places throughout the boat. We simply have to be nearing the ends of these shocks….. tree cannot be many possible ones left 🙂




  1. Those don’t look like beetles! Anyway, why did they go for your engine. Had you got something nice (whisky) stored in it???


  2. They are bits of beetles.
    After all that work on the outboard, the next morning it would not start and when I started it with the engine start spray it would not pump water! So back to square one on Monday.

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