Posted by: suliere | February 4, 2013

Not a good weekend

Saturday morning the newly fixed Honda outboard would not start. Managed to start it by injecting engine start into it only to find it was not jetting out water!!!! I saw it jetting water Friday afternoon without an issue!!

Then After a few other mishaps I end Sunday with no shore power or gene power to charge the batteries.!!! I switched off the shore to do some washing as the machine does not like 60 Htz power and when it was switched back on it would not charge the batterie4s which continue to drain. The gene also does not charge the batteries. So a few steps backwards this weekend.

Started to treat the Sunbrella cockpit sides with waterproofing but the spray top detached itself, landed on the deck with spin of liquid and then off into to land into the small rib Sloppy so as to cover it in te sticky subtance – that took an hour to straighten out.

I also realised that the job done by the cleaners employed to polish the boat was not holding up so began a proper rub down with Finesse II and two coats of my favourite polish – a task that will last more than a week.  I am taking my time and doing it properly.

Its monday tomorrow, so lets hope we can get the batteries charging – I think the switch over to no shore on the switch did something behind the panel so now even though it apoears to switch back on the meter, it does not push the power through… hope it is nice and simple.






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