Posted by: suliere | February 5, 2013

Honda Outboard – almost there

After a week the Honda outboard was finally starting  and ejecting cooling water OK ….. so it was time to go for a ride

Managed it past all the ropes and cables at the stern of Suliere to get to a bit of open water and away to go ……. well not really because it had been re-assembled a bit wrong and now would not engage gear! So that is a job for in the morning!

Also the battery charging issue is sporadic and I am suspecting that the one inverter we did not replace after the Nassau shock may be faulty … but only sometimes! It was in Nassau marina where we were told we had been given 110 volts shore power so I changed over the transformer to that to have to double the 220 volts they gave us and zap the system with 440 volts. We will do more tests today to see whats up.

I carried on polishing the boat doing a small section at a time. There are 10 stages:-

1. Wash off dirt

2. Apply finesse II with cloth

3. Buff off Finesse

4. Micro cloth off surplus Finesse

5. Apply polish with cloth

6. Buff off polish

7. Ensure all polish is clear with micro cloth

8. Apply polish with cloth.

9. Buff off polish

10. Final polish with micro cloth

I had already paid for this to be done of course but the new little start up company doing it, did not do it right. So I am trying to do the whole boat, a bit each day. Done right the water just runs off and dirt does not stick.

The riggers told us that the sails will arrive on Thursday afternoon and that the Karver rep will be here to see the installation. They are replacing the non-torsion rope which seems to have been messed up in attempt one. I will again video attempt number two.



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