Posted by: suliere | February 7, 2013

Poached Eggs, The Monitor Saga and Charging Issues

I am going to start this post on an upbeat note – in fact a major breakthrough in my personal development. Today, for the very first time in my life I made two decent poached eggs!  In fairness i do not try very often because they are so complicated compared to boiled eggs but today i felt I had to face the challenge. Lesley has repeated the steps many times so this time I managed to remember them all:-

1. Do not crack eggs well above the pan so they plummet into the pan ending up in a mess – slip them in from low altitude.

2. Use a frying pan not a deep pan so that they have limited vertical movement.

3. Separate them gently from the bottom of the pan with a spatula making sure that they do not break.

4. Do not attempt to lift to early – wait until the yellow just starts to white over.

5. Do not lift them out with those big spoon things – choose one with slits in so that the water drains away and ensures that you do not end up with a wet mess.

Normally I end up with a mess of white with bits of hard boiled yellow all over it plus a pile of water but no – this time i did it!!

The PC Monitor Saga

Last year PC monitor loses a colour – white is no longer white but yellow.

We test with a monitor from Just cats which works fine.

I replace the PC monitor with an identical model number and throw the old one away.

The new one is not the same size despite then identical model number and requires just cats to do some nifty work on the bamboo facia at te saloon helm.

The yellow problem returns.

Today we take another look and discover that the lead has a squashed pins – I buy a new lead and bingo it all works.

Costs of all this are too high to even mention …… a drama made out of nothing!

Work on the pad eye began today ready for the sails tomorrow.

The big issue today was the inverters. After a sage we managed them discharging fine. 300 amps going out from the batteries was no issue. However no matter what we did the charging would rise to 200 amps and then drop to below 100 no matter what the level of  charge was. This is still the issue to be solved.

Had a lovely meal around on Brett and Sandy’s boat to end a day when at least the monitor issue was put to bed.

I will be filming the sails being installed tomorrow afternoon.






  1. Wow!, It’s only taken you 8 years to get the ‘simplified poached eggs for men method right Yay! So you are forgiven, you were listening after all- albeit selective listening that took 8 years! LOL.

  2. Yes but there were a number of steps …. all of which have had to be mastered …. one wrong step and its a mess!

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