Posted by: suliere | February 8, 2013

Thursday was a good day

At last the inverters are working as they should.

Started off with 200 amps of charging BUT temperature  compensation reduced this to 160 amps.

Then 30 amps was in use on the DC circuit so that there was 130 amps left for charging……… simple. I must now remember to photograph the setting or maybe just save the file so I can repeat the setting.

It was too windy for the sails to go up hence that is moved to Saturday morning.

Other jobs were ticked off nicely.

Checked para-anchor from Florentino – spent time lubricating the zips on the bag. I wish everyone would just use velcro fro sail locker bags. I have a 21 ft parachute and will pick up a large snatch block from them at the show so that I can vary the length of the rode out to the anchor.

This boat is really coming together at last. Only a few jobs left and we are there!


  1. Oh no Paul!

    You are surely not coming to the end of the jobs and faults need rectifying.

    What will you do with yourself if that happens????? !!!!!!!



    • Coming to an end of the outside contractor jobs but I still have a list of about 15 jobs to do. The only outside jobs at present are the pad eye and the sails. Both of these should be finished in a few days then I can concentrate on my jobs without the boat being ripped apart around me. I also still have a lot of polishing to do.
      After the jobs are done I have endless rough video edits to do, plus dozens of other things ….. I never have enough time to do what I want to do but part of the plan is to take the boat out cruising and just enjoy a lot of relaxed time out there…….. one day 🙂

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