Posted by: suliere | February 9, 2013

Red Alarms, Shear Pins and Blizzards

I should not have felt so good about almost being there on that job list just yesterday. Today started with flashing red alarms on the inverter screen with over voltage warnings …. when Louis the Mastervolt chap arrived the inverters went into error mode. All was seemingly cured by removing the temperature sensors on the two shunts. Turned out that the max voltage out setting at 14.2 volts does not really mean that. It means that this is the max out at ambient temperature of 25 degrees. If its colder then the voltage could rise up to 14.5 volts. But it was 28 degrees and the volts out were 14.7 so the inverters were in a mess and went into error mode. Anyway that was cleared up by 5pm or so …….

…… and it was then that I heard that the sails could not come tomorrow as planned because the shear pin on the Karver had sheared whilst they were rolling the sail by hand!  The guess is that the initial install had damaged this pin but the riggers had sent for a new one overnight delivery from New England ……

…….but then the carriers had all closed down in new England because of the blizzard about to hit them so it may be Monday…..

…….only I do not see it being Monday because the blizzard will certainly prevent that.

……… not a nice end to the week. I should never relax and think its over  – Fool to think its over, there is a song about that:-)


  1. It could be worse – you could be here coping with yet more medical stuff ……. just as I get Laura out of hospital my Mum is rushed in! As you say not a good end to the week:-(

    • I know … my side over here is light compared to what is going on at home. You are going to need some break after what you have had to put up with. Glad to hear that Laura is picking up today – lets hope your mum has a simple issue.

  2. Meanwhile, I’m sorry I made facetious comments yesterday. It just goes on and on for you.

    Good luck on all fronts.


  3. Mike
    I take no offence at any of your remarks which I take in the good spirit they are meant, so do not worry.
    Today we have the same over voltage back on the inverters so that problem carries on into next week!

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