Posted by: suliere | February 9, 2013

Repeat: I am logical i do not believe in fate!

Ok Overnight for me Lesley’s mum was taken into hospital. We do not know what is wrong as yet. Lesley is having top put up with a huge amount of stress. Her daughter Laura is at last at home and showing signs of recovery although we are waiting on results of blood tests being clear before we can expect a really good recovery. Just as Laura comes out, Lesley’s mum goes in.

In the meantime I am out here adding things to the boat as well sorting out issues on the boat. In many ways this sorting out of boat issues which have gone on and on are, hopefully, improving our quality of cruising in the future.

Today the over voltage on the inverters cam back with the inverters showing temperature compensation error. Switching off for a bit cures it so I have left just the master on alone to see if that is the faulty one. I will hive it 24 hours then switch on the slave as well. However the Mastervolt chap Louis is back on board Monday morning to carry on the investigation.

Having been told there was no fuel barge anymore, one appeared today at the prices are lower than the other marinas so we will hopefully get full tanks ready to avoid any delays when leaving. We have to avoid leaving at other than slack water as there would otherwise be a significant current behind us….. not easy with all the bridge stops.




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