Posted by: suliere | February 11, 2013

Fuel, Bamboo, Polish, Polish & Polish

The weekend saw me clean the inside of one hull ready for the guests coming on Tuesday to do the Miami Boat Show with me. Cassie and Michael were the forum members who kindly helped crew the boat down from Maryland to Ft Lauderdale. So the bedding is changed, showers cleaned, all woodwork and floor polished etc. Seemed a good way to lose weight šŸ™‚

The fuel barge was here on saturday so I filled Suliere up with fuel – those fuel gauges are so unreliable – the Tank tender only really works on water tanks so I am now investigating new sensors. The barge drives two vertical piles into the bottom and so is its own dock and can get very near to any boat.


The lady who fixes the Bamboo appeared again and finished the job where SFM had siliconed in the cockpit lights and I had split some bamboo in prising off the light. Now only I can tell it was done. šŸ˜‰

Today, Monday has just been more polishing using my ten stages – I am about 50% through the job!


The boat show will be absorbing most of this coming week and that parts for the new sails set up is still delayed by the blizzard up North.






  1. Never ceases to amaze me how much polishing you do on the boat Paul yet I dont recall ever seeing you lift a duster in the house ;-P LOL. In fact on walking around marinas you can spot lots of these happy Chappies, all out there on their decks industriously scrubbing away with all manner of cleaning gadgets and cloths and bottles of potions. Boats seem to put some magic spell on otherwise reluctant cleaners, fascinating!

    • You cannot expect me to cook poached eggs AND clean at home – it would all be just too much!
      I did cook for you once when we first met. If I recall, you were not keen on the meal. šŸ™‚

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