Posted by: suliere | February 12, 2013

Getting In Charge of Charging

OK, so when in a Marina charging speed is not important and that is the only time we use that hot transformer.

On the other hand, after chatting to Kent from Just Catamarans today, It may be possible to connect the temperature sensors to the cool batteries and so override the internal temperature sensing in the charger …….  I shall check that out.

When away from the marina the transformer is not in use so there is no heat source there but I think the chargers still need some extra ventilation to make the most of any charging time and hence I will look at increasing ventilation – a bilge blower would be to noisy and the large computer fan we have in there is just not powerful enough ……. need to think on that one.

The alternators and solar charge the batteries directly and so they are not restricted and the batteries will take all they can give.

In conclusion some things to check out to see if we can improve the situation.



  1. It is 8 days since this last post.

    Is no news, good news?

    Mike 🙂

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