Posted by: suliere | February 21, 2013

Top Down Changes, A New Boat and Bottling the Overflow

Ok, I have not had much chance to catch up on this blog for just over a week …. things have been busy.

I had the top down furling system installed last Thursday and it all worked fine. I filmed it for a video but my trip to the Miami boat show with my friends Michael and Cassie changed things …….. It became apparent that there was a better system that that which I had installed. I also filmed this pilgrims progress through the world of top down curlers and that is the subject of the next video for the forum. I am now trying to update my new furling system to incorporate the improved system I found at the show and will also film that.

Most of our time was spent choosing a new boat for Michael and Cassie. The boat I really fell in love with was the new Leopard 48. I filmed a few trips out on her and consider her a very good cruising catamaran. I will let Michael and Cassie tell their own story of the path to their final purchase.

One of the remaining issues on Suliere was the lack of visible overflow/breathers for the three fuel tanks. They were eventually found in the chain locker but were hidden behind a long vertical tube containing many electric cables. The problem was how to see them overflowing without spilling fuel – a very handy thing when filling the tanks. I looked at fuel whistles and many other alternatives before Michael came up with the simple solution …. a clear bottle that the pipes could overflow into and the fuel be emptied back into the tanks. I soon found the perfect container with a handle and a spout and now have the container installed. An image will follow as soon as its daylight again.

Lesley’s daughter is still very ill so all we can do is hope that she starts to recover so Lesley can fly over and start cruising. She has had a terrible time since last July and truly deserves some R&R.


  1. I think the Leopard 48 touched down in Prickly Bay, Grenada at the back end of last year on its journey to Miami – wish I’d been there to see it.

    Dick and I both hoping like mad for a speedy return to health for Laura, and a far less stressful, and far happier time soon to come for Lesley. By the sounds of it, Suliere will be primed and raring to go when Lesley returns aboard … everything crossed that may happen real soon.

    Karen & Dick

    • Suliere is more ready than she has ever been but I still have a list of jobs to do.
      Main jobs now are the mods to the newly installed top down reefing system and a few tiny moods.

      I do have a fridge job to do – I have done it many times before and it takes some time. The door now does closeIF you put your knee to it otherwise it only closes at the top and hence the bottom catch is not home = lots of ice forming inside.

      All we can do with Lesley’s daughter is hope. There is an internal infection now and it may take some clearing up/

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