Posted by: suliere | March 25, 2013

Anchors and Cruising

Sorted out my second anchor today – its a large Fortress  – its now assembled and in the front sail locker with its ten metres of chain and rode. So far it has not been used and we are not really looking forward to setting two anchors. The idea is to set one from the bow then slide back in the current twice the normal distance to manually drop the other – after which you haul yourself to the half way point. Our concern is fouling the hull with the rode/chain as we swing in the other direction as it were. So far the Rocna has coped superbly with changes in direction where there was room to swing.

Checked over a few things and ordered some software to make it faster loading waypoints into Raynarine Chartplotter using Navionics chips.

Switched on and tested the two mast cameras – they worked ok. I forget we had these when entering that foggy harbour on the way down Chesapeake.

We plan to sail down the Hawk Channel to Key West and then its over to Cuba with an overnight trip. After Cuba we aim to come back to Lauderdale via the Bahamas as it seems that some USA officials do not like even foreign boats returning direct;ly from Cuba.

So do we wait until the rush is over just after Easter or head out just before Easter …. we will decide that in a few days.

Lesley says she is now going to start posting here with photos etc – she is the one who takes all the stills.

Thats it for now.




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