Posted by: suliere | April 1, 2013

Change of Plans

Ok – phoning immigration in Key West it is clear that it is illegal to go from the USA to Cuba. This applies to all nationalities.

Its also not possible to return from Cuba to Key West. In fact if you go to Cuba you are not allowed in the USA for at least 6 months!

So we are now heading for Nassau in the Bahamas – all in one trip from Lauderdale. This will be an overnighter. We then check in at Nassau.

After that we  that enjoy about 6 weeks going down the Exuma’s to Ragged Island after which we look south for any big islands. Should we find any really large islands we will spend about a month there before returning back to the Bahamas to Bimini and then check in/out of the Bahamas again. Returning to Lauderdale by 30th June – we then leave Suliere in the care of Just catamarans and head home to the UK.



  1. Sounds like a plan, Stan – and Stanetta. Have a great sail and enjoy the beautiful waters of the Bahamas … fair winds!


  2. Glad to hear things are getting better for you two. Leslie- Alli and I stopped by your boat to see Paul in February. Sorry we didn’t get to meet you. Hopefully we can catch up with you all one day soon. Have a good cruise and let us know if we can assist with anything. Philip.

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