Posted by: suliere | April 10, 2013

Wind always on the nose!

Ok, today I fixed another issue – the port temperature gauge on the engine never registered anything on the trip to Nassau. I understood the problem. In fact it had started in the trip from Cape Town and always seem to return no matter what the fix. S this morning I set about making a proper job of the two connections (one to each helm) and its now working and should stay that way.

tomorrow we planned to head to the Exumas, well Alan’s Cay to listen to the sound of those 6 ft iguanas calling each other at night – a bit spooky we are told. However for days ahead the SW wind is yet again 15 knots on the nose. So we now leave to Spanish  tomorrow. We have been there before by ferry from  Eleuthera and liked it very much so this time we go by boat. Suliere should draw 1.25 metres but we think with all our stuff on her plus 2.5 tons of water and fuel she is drawing more like 1.5 metres  or 5ft. So we have to watch some approaches there.

My next job today is the once for all fix on two hatches that have leaked on and off for 3 years. Yes Suliere was 3 years old last month. She is now a well sorted boat with very few issues left to deal with and a host of major improvements.

After feedback from those watching Suliere The Crossing video we have now decided to edit in far more off the gritty details of how we sail and live on Suliere.





  1. How is it that you get to have all the fun! Fixing boats in exotic places is always preferable to home repair and yard work. Cassie made it from Cape Town to Knysna and then fell asleep; she was tired from the day. If this keeps happening it going to be a very long “Crossing”, indeed! m

    • You mean St Francis to Knysna on the video? It has that effect 🙂

  2. Great news! Cassie cruised from Knysna via Cape Town and on to St. Helena and can’t wait to finish the journey 🙂 Beautifully filmed, we enjoy the banter and Lesley’s charm. Only she can make a rigid flying fish come to life 🙂

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