Posted by: suliere | April 12, 2013

Accepting when things do not work

We have a Tank Tender system fitted to Suliere – its s standard fit by St Francis and reads the levels of the fuel, water and black waste tanks. We gave in on the black waste tanks last year – the tiny tubes reading the pressure head simply clog up so we installed a tank full indicator that works well and tells us when to stop using a tank. Whilst the water levels have always read well the fuel levels have been hit and miss and today I cannot get the starboard fuel level to read at all. I will try to clear the clogged pipe later today by using a hand pump to clear the tube but hold out little hope.

I now have to accept that all the Tank Tender system is reliable for is water tanks and will have to have a different type of gauge installed on the fuel tanks when laid up in the hurricane season.

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