Posted by: suliere | April 15, 2013

The Exumas

Arrived at Ship Channel Cay and tucked in anchor hour on the west anchorage.

Only one othe boat anchored a few hundred metres away. We went for our first snorkel in a YEAR!,,, It was great and we retired with a dark & stormy and a  on the tv

Wind on our nose part of the way and at 30 degrees the other half so motor  sailed yet again. The alternators still treat the lithium batteries as if they were AGMs. So we really have to change over to two 250 amp alternators this coming hurricane season.

I filmed this issue and others with a small hand cam – I am trying to add a sense of reality to the cruising by introducing a lot of detail of the decisions made in passage planning, problems on the way and our learning process- in this case trying to learn how to avoid coral heads etc. I will publish some of this soon on both here and the M4US forum to see if its what the sailing audience want….. A sort of reality cruising video.


  1. The idea of realistic videos seems to me to be good. So often, boat videos are balmy seas, nothing happening, lovely pretty pictures and jangling noise/musak. As you may gather, I find that less than satisfying.

    An indication of what is going on, what sails are set, and how, what is shown on the instruments (readably) etc. Anchorage selection with sail furling and anchoring for a crew of two, or mooring ball, when and how. How the watches actually work, who does what when and what goes on in the meantime. Plus the noises of normal boat operation and the sea. This to me would be far better.

    But that may just be me – being grumpy again 🙂

    Cheers, Mike.

    (P.S. Can I prevail on you to enable your spell-checker. Even an Apple must have one! 😉 )

  2. Well from now on you will be getting more of just that and the videos will also reflect it.Also now Lesley is checking the typos and post are joint posts.

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