Posted by: suliere | April 17, 2013

One Clean Cheek!

Wednesday 17th April 2013

We awoke to clear blue skies and a gentle breeze on our second day at Allen’s Cay. Paul took on the unenviable task of cleaning the barnacles off Slurpy’s fouled bottom which had accumulates as a  result of being left a wee tad too long in the murky but nutrient rich waters of the Lauderdale Marine Centre dock.  Scraping, rubbing, brushing and spraying begins in earnest and rapidly showed improvement of Slurpy whilst Paul turned into Barnacle Bill wearing a thick covering of the detached aforesaid mollusks.

20130419 Bahamas Shroud Cay 3 Dirty Slurpy 20130417 Bahamas Allens CAy Cleaning Slurpy
Not wanting to be in the way (!) and meet with the same gruesome overcoat, Lesley heads out on her as yet unnamed Kayak for a quick paddle around the bay.  Birds don’t seem to fear ones peaceful approach and remain close by on the shore.  The iguanas languish lazily in the sunshine only turning their heads as the kayak gets within feet if only there had been a camera on hand.  Resting the paddle in the sand to anchor its hard to work out who’s watching who, watching them watching us watching them.  As the kayak glides into the shore more iguanas come forward.  Lesley wonders if her bright green kayak might resemble an appealing giant broccoli stalk approaching hence their speedy activity!

As the afternoon progresses Paul continues his rubbing and a’scrubbin’ and Slurpy has one clean cheek.  A bright, shiny, good as new starboard side whilst her port side can wait for another day!  Lesley makes a chicken Jalfrazi curry for dinner and then the plan is to go for a swim and cool off after the days exertions.

As an exercise we decided to take Slurpy with her new flying anchor into the bay nearby and have a play around with anchoring her.  Also to have some fun practicing getting in and out of Slurpy in deep water for when we go snorkeling on reefs.   I am sure this would have been most entertaining for our lizard friend onlookers as we made a total spectacle of ourselves sploshing around in the most inelegant fashion.  I hope we improve!

This was a great anchorage and we chose to stay a second night before heading off for Normans Cay.

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