Posted by: suliere | April 23, 2013

All dressed Up with No Where to Go.

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

From about 10.30 we we’re dressed and ready to go snorkeling determined not to miss slack water as there’s a very swift current that runs through the bay.  We sit and wait as a squall comes through making the water dull and decide to wait for the sunshine but this also means less time in the water before the current returns.  With all our togs on we sit and wait…. and wait…. and wait…..

Suliere in Warderick's Northern Mooring Field

Suliere in Warderick’s Northern Mooring Field

We sometimes envy those cruisers that just step into their dink, motor to a snorkel spot, leap into the water, back out and home.  Oh no not us we like to dress of the occasion and plan ahead.  This means that we have to organize fins, fin shoes, snorkels, snorkel wash, floatation jackets, ropes to climb back into Slurpy, map, and all manor of digital camera paraphernalia.

20130423 Warderwick Wells 3

So around noon the sun graces us with her presence and lights up the bay so we make all haste and set off to the Coral Gardens.  We’re not disappointed though on a sharp look out as the first things Lesley sees would happen to be two very large Barracuda.  The corals were beautiful, some we hadn’t seen before and in really good condition.  Plenty of fish life on a much larger scale than in Allan’s Cay, in fact we swim around one large igloo shaped coral head and spotted the largest lobster we’ve ever seen tucked away in the security of his lobster cave.  We were told that with his tentacles stretched out this creature would be at least five feet long.  Beautiful as he was we couldn’t help imagining him under the grill.

Exuma Land And Sea Park HQ

Exuma Land And Sea Park HQ

The current soon began to build so we headed back to Slurpy and managed to get onboard reasonably easily rather than gracefully using a rope loop that we practiced with in Allen’s Cay.  It worked and we were soon setting off back to Suliere- alas the engine started but quickly stopped.  Lesley pointed out that it was just as well as the rope was still in the water…….. the light comes on as we realize the problem will be the rope around the props.  Our rusty practices on this common theme  meant that Paul had to get back in the water and release the rope  which luckily came away easily.  Note to selves – remove ropes from water before starting engines and turning props!

Sandbanks for Entertainment!

Sandbanks for Entertainment!

As we headed off we spotted a beautiful sunfish side ways flying through the water.  What amazing fish they are, if only we had met him in the water. We then watch a motor yacht come into the mooring field and park himself on the sandbank. Luckily he was able to reverse of but unfortunately reversed into another.  They seem to escape red-faced but unscathed.    So we relax in the afternoon sun before Paul sets about making an anchor container to go in Slurpy- the West marine bucket will do very well with a few modifications. A job a day keeps idle hands busy.

Its Complicated!

Its Complicated!

So far we are most impressed with all that we‘ve seen in the Exuma Land and Marine Park.  No fishing of any kind means that there is more marine life in general.  Excellent mooring organization and placement make it easy to be secure in fast changing tidal currents.

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