Posted by: suliere | April 25, 2013

Emerald Rock Encounters

Thursday 25th April 2013

The guidebooks advised us that there was some good snorkeling without strong currents at Emerald Rock so we headed off and picked up a dinghy mooring by the small reefs.  Here we found really excellent snorkelling and encountered much larger fish and in bigger shoals too

Joining us on the reef was a small dinghy with a lady leaning over the side using a glass bottom bucket to gaze into the water whilst her beloved gently rowed her around the reef.  Lesley could remember all too well how it felt like to have too much fear to get into the water.  It had been during 2006 when we’d chartered a boat in BVI that she overcame this fear with determination and a great desire to explore the wonderful sea creatures she would otherwise be excluded from.  Just 6 years later she was happy to snorkel 3 miles without any flotation aid making vast progress, even having a dabble with scuba by attending a familiarization day.  With all this in mind Lesley commented on how much she wished she could help this lady find the same joy as she had from overcoming her fears of water.  Also note to self, must get waterproof camera!

20130424 Bahamas Warderick Wells 10

Later we hiked ashore to Butterfly beach before heading back to the Boo Boo trail to go back up to the blow holes.  Who should we encounter in Banshee Creek  but the couple from the small dinghy we had seen earlier in the day. Phyllis and Bill we were to find are a delightful couple from South Carolina off ‘Oh My’  and we all chatted for some time about our cruising plans discovering we had similar ideas in mind and  guessed that our paths would cross again.   In the warm evening sunshine we heading up to the blow holes which we find yet again to be only blowing hot air

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach


Time for a Paddle

Time for a Paddle


20130425 Warderick Wells 12

20130425 Warderick Wells 7


20130425 Warderick Wells 14


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