Posted by: suliere | April 29, 2013

Shopping by Colour

Monday 29th April 2013

Phyllis and Bill were going ashore shopping in the morning so we decided to go along in hope of finding some fresh provisions.  We find that there are just three grocery stores ashore white, pink and blue and depending on what you needed you could go to one or other of these independent stores.  In the first or White store we managed to find a great supply of ginger beer and bought two crates not knowing when we might see any more, dark and stormy being our drink of preference at sundown!  Also stocked up on juices, four dozen eggs and a few veg  picking out the best as some were already well on their way.  Sat down outside and wrote ‘swimming piggy’ postcards to send home.

The White Shop

The White Shop

We then took the dinghies round to the dinghy dock and walked to the Pink store where we found skimmed long life milk then up the next pathway  a very short distance to the blue store to find lovely ripe tomatoes and grapefruit.  Finally to the BTC phone store to initiate another SIM card before we head back to the dinks.  We found all the people to be helpful and extremely friendly, nothing too much trouble.

The Pink Shop

The Pink Shop

The Blue Shop

The Blue Shop

Our trip had been something of a magical mystery tour highlighting for us the huge difference between island life shopping and shopping at home.  We tend to take our full to bulging shopping carts for granted and bemoan the price and quality without realising how lucky we truly are.

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