Posted by: suliere | April 30, 2013

Timely Snorkel Trip

Tuesday 30th April 2013

Today was a lazy laid back day of reading and blog writing before going for a late evening snorkel with Phyl and Bill.  We had made comments about it being the witching hour of shark feeding but undeterred we headed off and had a lovely time.

We got back to Suliere and had hot showers and as Lesley hung out the towels she spotted a large nurse shark cruising around the boat.  Maybe next time we’ll snorkel a little earlier in the day!  Although one isn’t supposed to fear the benign nature of the nurse shark we have also read in a book called “Dangerous Marine Animals” that nurse sharks are known to sometimes make unprovoked attacks so caution is always the better part of valour we thinks!

20130501 Bahamas Staniel Cay Walkabout 45

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