Posted by: suliere | May 4, 2013


Saturday 4th May

The GRIB files we download are the main basis for our weather forecasts and they had been showing a shift of the wind to the West at some 10 knots.  We usually find the wind is underestimated by up to 5 knots and the westerly wind forecast was to come straight into the bay here at some 14 knots.  This made it uncomfortable for many monohull boats that we watched hobby horsing and rocking and reeling around the bay before  leaving promptly at first light.

Rock and Roll My Friends.  The anchorage clears out.

Rock and Roll My Friends. The anchorage clears out.

Suliere sat comfortable in the waves and swell but dear Slurpy was getting a little frisky at times snatching at her painter so we cast her some extra length and she settled nicely in the waves.  We watched one couple spend some 30 minutes trying to get back on board their power boat from an identical dinghy eventually taking a risky leap of faith onto the transom.  After seeing this we decided to spend the day on board and delay our shopping trip until Monday.   The mail boat had arrived with all the shop supplies on Friday evening so we wanted to get some fresh vegetables before they all got snapped up.

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