Posted by: suliere | June 22, 2013

Nurse Cay To Buena Vista

13 may 2013 Long sandy beach mile and a half.  Left Nurse cay  10.25 arrived  Buena Vista 11am!

We approach Buena Vista

We approach Buena Vista

As we arrived, Doug came over to look at anchor and spotted huge Barracuda under boat….. about 4 foot long.  We kayaked ashore and had a walk along the deserted beach.  As there was a nice reef near the boat, upon returning to the boat we decided to snorkel to it.t Nice little reef, so decided to brave it to the one off the boat.  got back , prepared and went in.  Paul said barracuda was gone, but I looked and there he was following us.  We got spooked and went back to be safe not sorry!  Decided he was just curious and set off again thinking he wouldn’t follow twice but he came a little too close so we decided to get back on board as it was a great barracuda known to attack.  Saw his teeth and that was enough for me! We were later told by the fisherman – Holland Griffin that Barracudas will follow but he’s never see one attack and he’s a spear fisherman too. Kayaked Ashore showered and cooked Larry and gorged ourselves  on lobster before heading out onto the tramps for a sleep. No sooner had we got the shade up that 8 noisy guys turned up from the fishing boat ‘SPLISH! SPLASH!’ to play ball on the beach and make a racket.  Bah humbug!   After they left over an hour later I fell asleep!

Fishing Vessel Splish! Splash!

Fishing Vessel Splish! Splash!

Woke up and had a cuppa then kayaked ashore again to take a Walk ashore before sunset.

The sun goes down over Buena Vista

The sun goes down over Buena Vista

Back to the boat to read and watch more of Earth Flight- Condor.

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