Posted by: suliere | March 10, 2014

A bit of a Gap!

Well, we had to leave Ragged Island in May 2013 to rush back to Ft Lauderdale and home because of a family illness so there is much to tell that we have missed out of this blog.

However we did make a video of the entire adventure down to Ragged and back to Lauderdale and you can see a trailer of here:-


You can purchase the full video for $10 USA.

To bring you up to date we are now back in Lauderdale and about to leave for the Bahamas in the morning.

This time we plan our normal deep water route to Nassau to check in and then down the Exumas and the Jumnetos Cays to Cuba. This will only take a few weeks.

Cuba is where we intend to spend some 3 months and will be filming our adventure. WiFi contact is very poor there, so do not expect too much in the way of blog entries.


  1. Nice chance encounter meeting you on the docks this week!
    I enjoyed learning about your improvements to Suliere.
    Please let me know when you are back in Florida.
    Bon voyage, Boa viagem, Safe travels!

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