About Us

Paul & Lesley sail the world in their new 50 foot sailing catamaran Suliere.

We are experienced power boaters and are used to cruising in 60 foot motor boats but fell in love with the idea of cruising the world under sail.

The first step was to choose the boat and then have it built – that took a few years!

We will soon begin our adventure and we hope we will like it!

We want to share that adventure with you and so will be making videos of the ups and downs of the adventure as we plan to learn about our new boat and head out over the horizon.


  1. Hi Paul and Leslie.
    I am the broken footed sailor who you allowed onto your boat at St Francis Marine a couple of weeks back. She looked beautiful out of the water but even more so on it. Many thanks for your warmth and kindness. We will follow with interest your journey.
    Fair winds and good company.
    John and Jean McConnell.

    Ps Foot almost 100%.

  2. hi there you two
    the video of the boat looks fab. it was lovely to see you Lesley allbeit on film, you look great!! wishing you lots of luv and safe voyages ahead of you and i just know the film will be exciting viewing for all who know and love you!! keep in touch, i will do my best to do the same to keep you in touch of home on your journey!!! tell you about the crap weather and all that stuff, which i know you will dying to hear about as you bath in the sun!!! take care, miss you!!! be safe!!
    loads of luv DiDi xxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Paul & Lesley:

    We met both of you in February 2011 ,St. Lucia. We registered for M4US then and still love it. We are now single handlers and have loved your advice. I think that I need Lithium batteries and have followed Suliere. I am currently talking to Just Catamarans. I hope to convert Arkouda (Privilege 495) in may, do you have any advice?

    Thank you for all you do we really appreciate it.


    Sean and Cynthia

    • HI to you both
      The Lithoium was the best single thing we ever did on Suliere.
      This last layoff season we upgraded the alternators to the Genasun 250 amp versions which are really great.
      We could never get our Balmer regulators to work and charge properly.
      So our advice is look at the alternators as well.
      Just Cats know how to install and do a good job.
      PS Lithium change your life on board – you can put the entire battery capacity in or take it out so easily – no more Lesley asking me if we can switch this or that on.

      • Thank You very Much

        Suliere is the only boat that I have talked to that actually has Lithium.

        We love your Blog.

        This morning we are on our way to Antigua.

        Sincerely Sean Phelan Arkouda Arkouda495@mailasail.com

  4. hola paul and lesley,
    you are already on your way to the bahama ´s?
    herman and yolanda, trinidad

  5. Paul,

    I saw the St. Francis at the 2014 Annapolis boat show…fell in love!!

    I may head to Miami boat show Feb 2015….possibly move towards purchase. I’ve read lot’s of posts on multihulls4us so have some background on your situation. I’m also a previous Cat owner (SV Indigo, Leapord 47..,loved it). I’d like to set up correspondence w you as I move forward. I think it’d be great to learn from your, and others experience.


  6. What did you end up using for tank level indicators?

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